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In today’s competitive job market, it’s becoming increasingly important for youth to stand out by acquiring skills in new, in-demand fields. Studying abroad can provide access to cutting-edge courses yet to be available at home. So, to stand out in this competitive market, acquiring a new advancement course is required according to the market demand. All those courses are availed by pursuing study abroad in different countries.

For example, the National Merit Scholarships 2024 program helps academically gifted students fund studies in emerging tech fields like artificial intelligence and robotics. The Scholarships for Adopted Children 2024 initiative also enables adopted youth to access unique programs overseas, including innovative social entrepreneurship courses.

Additionally, the Master Mind Scholarship provides financial assistance to help ambitious students pursue unorthodox subjects abroad, such as cryptocurrency engineering or space exploration. By following these one-of-a-kind courses abroad with help from scholarships like these, driven students can gain the skills needed to thrive in our rapidly evolving job landscape.

If you are looking for new, ever-evolving courses that are exceptional and have high demand in the global market, this blog will help you know those top unique courses to study abroad.

1. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, computer programming, information engineering, mathematics, and statistics. This application tool-based technology is used to understand and analyze biological data. It involves developing different algorithms, databases, and visualization tools to study DNA, RNA, proteins, and their interactions. This tool is combined with software programs such as BLAST and Ensembl.

Before bioinformatics, scientists and researchers used only biological testing, but with the innovation of bioinformatics, AI and robotics are also included, which help to store genome data and other physical data easily. It allows researchers or scientists to further research in a short period. It is a revolutionary technology.

The main objectives of this technology include genome sequence alignment, gene prediction, drug design, disease diagnosis, and personalized medicine. This technology has also solved significant challenges such as large datasets, complex algorithms, and translating insights into practical advancements in biology and healthcare.

Top Universities for Bioinformatics according to QS Ranking 2023

SL NoUSAUKCanadaAustraliaSwitzerland
1Harvard UniversityUniversity of OxfordUniversity of TorontoUniversity of MelbourneETH Zurich
2MITUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity of QueenslandEPFL
3Stanford UniversityUniversity of ManchesterUniversity of AlbertaAustralian National University (ANU)University of Zurich
4California Institute of technologyUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of Ottawa  
5University of CaliforniaUCLMcGill University  
6University of Pennsylvania    
7University of Washington    

2. Ecotechnology

As we have known, global warming or climate change is one of the most significant issues of this century. Most think tanks, environmental activists, scientists, and others are concerned about climate change. So, to sustain the ecology and return to its previous position, eco-technology has come into the picture.

Eco-technology refers to developing and applying technology to sustain ecosystems of the environment. This technology is designed to control carbon emissions in the background.

This technology involves designing products, processes, and systems to maximize resource efficiency, prevent pollution, and conserve biodiversity if I give you an example, such as renewable energy, green architecture, organic farming, and industrial ecology.

A holistic, systems-thinking approach must account for ecological, social, and economic factors. For implementing such technology, it is required to overcome technical limitations, high costs, and lack of awareness.

Top Universities for Ecotechnology according to QS Ranking 2023

SL NoUSAUKCanadaAustraliaSwitzerland
1Harvard UniversityImperial College LondonUniversity Of TorontoUniversity Of NewcastleETH Zurich
2Stanford UniversityUniversity Of GlasgowMcgill University  
3MITIlford College of Business ManagementUniversity of British Columbia  
4University of Cambridge    
5University of Oxford    
6University of California    
7University Of Pennsylvania    

3. Econometrics

Econometrics is the application of statistical and mathematical models to test economic theories and analyze financial data.

It allows economists to estimate relationships between economic variables and helps forecast future trends. In other words, the theoretical economic concept has been transferred into valuable tools for monetary policymaking.

The main techniques used in it include regression analysis, time series models, simulations, and hypothesis testing. So, econometrics combines economic theory, data, and statistical inference to explain economic phenomena.

It provides empirical evidence to validate or refute theoretical economic models. Econometrics has applications in finance, labour, trade, and macroeconomics.

There are also some limitations, including model assumptions, data quality, and complexity. Overall, econometrics is an indispensable empirical tool for economics.

Top Universities for Econometrics according to QS Ranking 2023

SL NoUSAUKCanadaAustraliaSwitzerland
1University of WisconsinLondon School of EconomicsUniversity of TorontoAustralian National UniversityUniversity of Zurich
2Duke UniversityUniversity of OxfordUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity of MelbourneSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
3University of TexasUniversity of CambridgeMcGill UniversityMonash University 
4Boston UniversityUniversity College LondonUniversity of WaterlooUniversity of New South Wales 
5Columbia UniversityUniversity of YorkAarhus UniversityUniversity of Sydney 
6University of MichiganImperial College LondonMcMaster UniversityUniversity of Queensland 
7 University of ManchesterUniversity of Montreal  

4. Dance Therapy

Dance therapy uses movement and dance to promote emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Expressive body movements foster communication and healing. As a definitive therapy, it helps individuals overcome stress, trauma, and mood disorders.

Dance therapy sessions involve assessing needs, guiding movements, processing feelings, and setting goals. It can be tailored to different ages, disorders, and disabilities.

Benefits include improved mood, reduced anxiety, stronger relationships, and new coping skills. Limitations include lack of access and stigma around dance.

However, research shows dance therapy enhances wellbeing and quality of life.

Top Universities for Dance Therapy According to QS Ranking 2023

SL NoUSAUKAustraliaNew Zealand
1Sarah Lawrence CollegeUniversity of RoehamptonVictorian College of ArtsUniversity of Auckland
2Drexel UniversityUniversity of Derby  
3Naropa UniversityUniversity of London  

5. Gemology

Gemology is the scientific study of gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. It involves identifying gems, evaluating quality, and understanding geological origins.

Gemologists use microscopes, refractive index measurements, and specific gravity tests. Expertise is needed in mineralogy, crystallography, optics, and jewellery manufacturing.

Applications range from appraising high-value jewels to detecting synthetics and treatments.

Gemology requires meticulousness, astute observation, and integrity. Challenges include discerning natural from lab-created gems and sourcing ethical stones.

Overall, gemology blends science, aesthetics, and ethics around precious rocks.

Top Universities for Gemology according to QS Ranking 2023        

SL NoUSAUKCanadaIndia
1Gemological Institute of AmericaBirmingham City UniversityGeorge Brown CollegeEuropean Gemological Laboratory
2International Gem SocietyUniversity of StrathclydeMount Royal UniversityCMJ University
3Santiago Canyon CollegeUniversity of Portsmouth Alagappa University
4Northwest Gemological Institute  Indian Institute of Art and Design
5Diamond Council of America  Arch Gemology and Jewelry Institute
6   Indian Institute of Gemology

6. Magic and Occult

The occult involves mystical, supernatural, and magical beliefs and practices. It encompasses astrology, divination, spellcasting, spirit communication, and esoteric knowledge of hidden forces.

Occultism has roots in ancient religions and secret societies. It flourished in the Renaissance, then faced backlash as heresy.

Today, occult traditions are making a resurgence, with young people exploring witchcraft, tarot, and energy healing.

However, scepticism remains about the validity of magical claims. Ethical concerns also persist around coercion, fraud, and exploitation of believers.

Overall, the occult retains an aura of taboo yet eternal fascination.

Top Universities for Magic and Occult according to QS Ranking 2023

1Ohio State UniversityUniversity of Exeter
2University of Wisconsin-Madison 
3University of Texas 
4University of Wisconsin-Madison 
5Santa Clara University 
6University of California 
7Xavier University 
8Vanderbilt University 
9University of New York 
10  Columbia College Chicago 
11University of Baltimore 

7. Game Design

The game designing field is a vast field where computer science and programming, creative writing, psychology, and graphic design all these skills are essential.

This field has now gradually increased day by day. The expert engineer, business planner, and other related members are the key members of this field.

Game design requires imagination, storytelling ability, and technical skills.

Designers use tools like game engines, 3D modelling, and sound editing software.

Creativity, iteration, and playtesting are critical to designing fun, balanced, and immersive player experiences.

Game design is an exciting field but intensely competitive and demanding.

With passion and talent, game designers can craft interactive magic.

Top Universities for Game Design According to QS Ranking 2023

SL NoUSAUKCanadaAustralia
1University of UtahUWE BristolCentennial CollegeUniversity of Technology Sydney
2Rochester Institute of TechnologyUniversity of HertfordshireSheridan CollegeFlinders University
3New York UniversityManchester Metropolitan UniversityCanadore CollegeRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology
4Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of the Arts LondonFanshawe CollegeQueensland University of Technology
5Carnegie Mellon UniversityBirmingham City UniversitySimon Fraser UniversityWestern Sydney University
6Michigan State UniversityGlasgow Caledonian UniversityBritish Columbia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of South Australia
7DigiPen Institute of TechnologyUniversity of BoltonYork UniversityGriffith University

8. Cosmetology

The cosmetology branch mainly deals with improving individuals’ physical appearance through skincare and treatments.

It is a branch that focuses on the beauty and health of hair, skin, nails, etc. It provides hair styling, facials, manicures, makeup, and removal. It is a fast-growing field that offers financial rewards and career opportunities in many industries.

Cosmetology offers courses such as hairstylists, nail artists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, cosmetology instructors, magazine writers, sales consultants for salons, sales representatives for manufacturers, beauty care distributors, etc.

Cosmetologists must train extensively in sanitation, anatomy, salon management, and using tools like shears, straight razors, and curling irons.

Creativity is vital for trends like balayage colouring and precision cuts. Relationship skills are also a crucial factor in this field.

Top Universities for Cosmetology according to QS Ranking 2023

SL NoUSAUKCanadaAustralia
1Aveda Training InstituteTeesside UniversityDurham CollegeKangan Institute
2Tricoci UniversityBuckinghamshire New UniversityLakeland CollegeToi Ohomai Institute of Technology
3Paul Mitchell SchoolsUniversity of LeedsLaSalle CollegeThe Gordon University
4Pivot Point AcademyLoughborough UniversitySt Lawrence CollegeVictoria University
5The Ogle SchoolNottingham CollegeSeneca CollegeOtago Polytechnic
6Hollywood Institute of BeautyBolton UniversityLambton CollegeTorrens University Australia
7The Hair Design InstituteLincoln CollegeSault CollegeMelbourne Polytechnic

9. Sports Sciences

Sports science is a fascinating discipline that helps you to boost your body through exercise, and it improves your physical activity, maximizing your performance, which will help you in real competition. In other words, sports science will help you to gain physiology, psychology, anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry, and kinesiology.

In this current world, sports have become a significant global industry. We can’t deny the impact of sports on individuals’ lives and the global economy. Sports science careers come with various roles, such as sports management, marketing, personal training, physiotherapy, and nutritional consultancy. By pursuing a degree in sports science, you need to acquire the professional knowledge and training necessary to make a positive impact in these fields.

If I can go in-depth about Sports science, it is a multidisciplinary field, drawing upon disciplines such as physiology, biomechanics, psychology, nutrition, and sports management. By combining these areas of expertise, sports scientists can measure and analyze various aspects of athletes’ performance, including physical fitness, mental focus, proper nutrition, and the operational aspects of the sports industry.

Below I have explained to you the top universities for sports science which will help you to make a good decision.

Top Universities for Sports Sciences According to QS Ranking 2023

SL NoUSAUKCanadaAustralia
1Central Connecticut State UniversityLoughborough UniversityUniversity of British ColumbiaThe University of Queensland
2West Chester UniversityUniversity of BathUniversity of TorontoThe University of Sydney
3University of LouisvilleUniversity of BirminghamUniversity of AlbertaDeakin University
4Lasell UniversityThe University of ExeterMcMaster UniversityVictoria University
5University of ScrantonLiverpool John Moores UniversityUniversity of CalgaryUniversity of Melbourne
6Florida Gulf Coast UniversityUniversity College LondonUniversity of OttawaEdith Cowan University
7Washington State UniversityUniversity of ManchesterMcGill UniversityUniversity of New South Wales

10. Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking

11. Illustration and Animation

12. Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

13. Surf Science and Technology


Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to experience new cultures, learn new languages, and gain a global perspective. It is also a great way to develop your skills and knowledge in a specific study area. If you want a unique and challenging study abroad experience, you can also research those courses before deciding.

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