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Tennessee Hope Scholarship 2024 25

Are you a resident of Tennessee? Are you looking for a scholarship in your state? Then, the TN Hope Scholarship 2024-25 or Tennessee HOPE Scholarship 2024-25 is for you. 

The Tennessee HOPE Scholarship 2024-25 is a state-funded program designed to provide financial assistance to Tennessee residents looking to pursue two or four-year postgraduate degrees from a recognized Tennessee state university/college. Remember that this scholarship is a credit hours-based scholarship for your degree program with at least six (6) fall/summer credit hours enrollment.

Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) program funds the TN Hope Scholarship. In the last academic year, 2022-2023, the organization was funded 73.6 percent of the $427.1 million in Lottery for Education Account expenditures. In 20 years of the TN Hope Scholarship program’s journey, it is funding more than $300 million per year in financial support to Tennessee residents, which will increase in the future. So, it is one of the most significant and largest expenditures for lottery-funded scholarships. 

Like the West Virginia Hope Scholarship 2024 -25, this lottery-funded TN HOPE Scholarship is also merit-based, aiming to provide financial aid for Tennessee students whose adjusted gross income is $36,000 or less according to the education qualification and all. TSAC (Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation) manages and administers the scholarship. This scholarship first came to light in 2004 for Tennessee residents. 

However, on February 12, 2024, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) announced in its report the delay in releasing the FAFSA, which may come in mid-March 2024. This time, the FAFSA form is expanding the federal student aid, Federal Pell Grants, by skipping as many as 26 questions, depending on the individual circumstances. Also, they are accepting 610,000 new students from low-income backgrounds this time.

TN HOPE Scholarship 2024 25 Eligibility Criteria

SL NoEligibilityDescription
1ResidencyTennessee State Resident approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents
3Minimum GPA3.0/4
4FAFSA ApplyYes (Every Year)
5Minimum ACT/SAT Scorea) Freshmen: 21/1060
b) Home School Graduates: 21/1060
c) GED Recipients: 21/1060 ACT and Qualifying GED Score: 170
d) HiSet Recipients: 21 ACT and HiSet Qualifying Score: 15
6Basic Education QualificationTennessee eligible high school Graduation or GED
7Renewal Criteriaa) Min GPA: 2.75 (24 & 48 Semester hrs)
b) Min GPA: 3.0 (72 hrs, 96 hrs, 120 hrs)
8Age Limit25 or older


Some Exception for Graduate Tennessee residents:  (****)

a) Outside states High School Students.

b) National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) recognized out-of-state boarding schools

c) All Tennessee residents who work in the military, defense department, and National Guard members who do their jobs outside of Tennessee are eligible for the TN HOPE Scholarship.

d) Dependents of full-time religious workers serving in foreign countries attending high schools outside Tennessee.

e) Tennessee residents serving in foreign countries as full-time religious workers and attending outside-of-Tennessee high schools are eligible for the TN HOPE Scholarship.

Important Information Before Applying for TN HOPE Scholarship 2024 25

  • You must enroll in your selected college within 16 months of graduating high school.
  • Complete at least two years at a Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) or other eligible postsecondary institution.
  • It would help if you took advice from the financial aid office before dropping a course. Dropping courses without a valid medical or personal reason could permanently cause you to lose your HOPE Scholarship.
  • You must maintain your enrollment status full-time (12+ hours) or part-time (6–11 hours), as determined on the census date for the entire semester.
  • All recipients looking for the TN HOPE Scholarship 2024-25 must enroll part-time in eligible postsecondary institutions during fall and spring. However, if their enrollment credit is less than 6 hours, they need to improve it, or they will not qualify for the award. Moreover, if you have completed the enrollment credit, which is less than the prescribed credit, you will receive fewer awards but at least 6 hours of credit.
  • You must meet the renewal requirements to retain your TN HOPE Scholarship. So, the organization has given you one chance to regain your renewal criteria. But, if your GPA is within renewal requirements, you are eligible for the next award.

TN HOPE Scholarship 2024 25 Amount

TN HOPE Scholarship award 2024-25 has been opened for the eligible recipients for the two-year and four-year on-campus housing colleges. Even the students looking for the TN Hope Scholarship need to choose their institutions while applying for the FAFSA form. This time, the scholarship for first- and second-year students will get $4,500 per year (Fall/Spring total), while juniors and seniors will get $5,700 per year (Fall/Spring total).

TN HOPE Scholarship 2024 25 Document Required

Tennessee Hope Scholarship Program 2024 25

a. FAFSA form

b. Tennessee Student Assistance Corp. (TSAC) Portal

c. Academic Transcripts

d. ACT/SAT Scores

e. Proof of Tennessee Residency

f. Enrollment

g. Additional Documentation: Home school transcripts or proof of dual enrollment courses, GED or HiSet scores, Proof of parent’s military service or religious work in foreign nations

h. Non-traditional Students

i. TELS Forms

TN HOPE Scholarship 2024 25 Deadline

FAFSA Deadline for Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA)April 15, 2024
FAFSA Deadline for Tennessee HOPE ScholarshipSeptember 1, 2024
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