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Hello aspirants, how are you all? I think you are preparing for your goals. Then you have come to the right platform to know about the best teachers for banking exam preparation 2024. If you are preparing for competitive exams, this article will help you a lot. 

If you are still unable to pick good educators or make a new ambitious or good decision for banking exams, And if you need to improve your scores in the mock tests, then the educator’s role is also more important. I will give you the best real review of the educators of YouTube and other platforms for the banking exam preparation 2024. So, without more Ado, let’s come to the point.

How to Start Preparing for Banking Exams?

If you are willing to prepare for the banking exams, you must be dedicated to studying. If you are a beginner, you focus on the basic concepts of the subjects. You can follow the teachers that I mentioned below. And try to do offline or pen-paper rough practice as far as possible.

The first 6 months only focus on the basics, not buying mock tests. Solve different problems of quant and reasoning problems and always read The Hindu Newspaper and The Economics Times. These two newspaper is sufficient for the banking exam. Even you can watch web services in English version which is also good for your interview,

Only studying 10-15 hours is not good; you need to do Yoga, Play outdoor games, and other social activities. Do part-time work like home tuitionary to help you improve your basic knowledge of Maths and English.

So, follow this step; you will crack the exam.

Quantitative Aptitude Best Educator for Banking Exam Preparation 2024

If you are unable to understand the problem of choosing a good educator for quant in preparation for banking exams or are unable to understand the teaching method of your current academics, here are some good teachers who are the best and most popular quant teachers in the online field to prepare for banking exams. You have to practice the questions that the educators will guide you or provide you or prepare for the banking exam will be better if you practice offline from the best books of 2023.

As you all know, all these famous teachers have left the Unacademy platform and have started in their own YouTube channels and given paid courses on their app or website. Below, I am going to share all the details of them.

Youtube and Other PlatformYouTube Channel Name
Yashraj Singh Chauhan -Veteran + OliveboardVeteran
Harshal Agarwal Learning Capsules
Ashish Arora Studified
Kaushik Mohanty Career Definer
Rajan Jha Infinitesimal
Vijay MishraThe Constant Guide
Amar Sir Amar Sir
Abhishek GuptaMeritshine
Sumit SirSumit Sir Academy

Reasoning Aptitude Best Teachers for Banking Exam Preparation 2024

Those banking aspirants who do not get good scores on the original test, then you need a good mentor. You need to solve high-level innovative questions all of which would help you in the upcoming exam. Here I mention the names of some good teachers that will help you in your preposition.

YouTube + Other PlatformYouTube Channel Name
Ankush LambaBanking Chronicle
Dhruva DhankherVirtuous
Radhey Sir –Radhey ki Reasoning
Sanjay Sharma
Saurav Sir – Adda247

English Best Teacher

The aspirants who are weak in English and their performance in the mock tests or real exams is not up to the mark, in this context I will tell you the best teacher of English for Banking Exam Preparation 2024.

YouTube + Other PlatformYouTube Channel Name
Nimisha BansalNimisha Bansal
Anchal SharmaBanking Wallah
Tarun Grover Tarun Grover
Sakshi Pahwa Sakshi Pahwa

Current Affairs/ Banking Awareness Best Teacher for Banking Exam Preparation 2024

For Current Affairs and Banking Awareness, you need a mentor who guides you in your preparation. For that, I have mentioned the best educators in the below table. You can go through with them.

YouTube + Other PlatformYouTube Channel Name
Kapil KathpalStudyniti
Gaurav GargStudy IQ
Abhijeet MishraUnacademy
Ashish GautamAdda247

Computer Awareness

For those aspirants, who are legging in computer awareness and even don’t know exactly who are the best teachers of computer awareness, the below-mentioned educators will help you in your banking exam preparation. Below I have mentioned some popular educators, you can go through them. It would help you.

Only YouTube
Sahil Charaya
Sachin Arora

How to Crack Banking Exams 2024?

If you are already covering the basic concepts, now you can follow these steps to help you crack the exam.

  • Always follow the basic concepts while solving the question, don’t follow the short-cut method.
  •  Do a Mock Test, analyze those questions, and compare you with your previous performance.
  •  If a question takes more time for you and other candidates, it is okay, but if it takes more time than others, then you once again go through the basics.
  •  Before attempting a mock test, You need to plan by yourself what type of questions you should do first.
  •  If you are a fast solver, then you can crack the exam. This exam is not only seeing your knowledge but also your accuracy and speed in solving the questions. So, train your mind and brain accordingly, and it would help if you kept it.
  •  You always need to prepare for extraordinary in the real exam, whether it is Pre or Mains Exams. So, train your brain accordingly.
  •  Try to solve unique patterns that any teacher didn’t cover it. It will help you in the SBI PO/IBPS PO Mains Exams.
Who is the best teacher for the banking exams?

In the above article, I have mentioned all of the best educators of Banking Exam Preparation. You can go through it with those teachers

How to start preparing for the bank exam 2024?

If you are willing to prepare for the bank exam 2024, first you need to focus on the basics of each subject. Concept building in each subject and therefore doing more practice, attending mock tests, etc. are very important. This way you need to prepare for the bank exam 2024. For more details, you can visit this post.

How many months are sufficient for bank preparation?

minimum of 6 months is required for concept building. It may be different for others also. But maximum aspirants, mostly leg in English if they were coming from the state board. So, you need to give proper concentration while studying, then you can build your concept in a minimum of 6 months.


In this post, I have shared my viewpoint on the best teachers for banking exams, which would help you to prepare for your banking exam.

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