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As I was also prepared for Bank Exams, through this four years of journey, I have learned many things; today, I am going to share some of my viewpoints on “how to prepare for any competitive exams” with all Fresher Aspirants and also those who are also pursuing this journey.

My father always said during my preparation time that to get a Government job, you need three things at a time, i.e., Luck, Caliva, and Patience. These three things are 100% required to get a govt job. But, if you are thinking of studying for 12-15 hours, there are better decisions than this because you have to do homework and social responsibilities. You are still determining whether it will work in today’s high-competition market, so both must continue together.

During the study period, you will get different obstacles from society and ignore them. If you have taken this step on the words of your father, mother, and friends, you should immediately stop the preparation. It takes 1-4 years. So, take your step wisely, not by others’ thoughts.

We are human beings, not pressure cookers. As you have seen in the movie 3 Idiots, the actor indirectly said that the cooker whistles due to the pressure created in the range. It is called a well-trained machine. In this way, continuously studying for 10-15 hrs is not a good process because there should be rest in your brain. You need to do exercise, play games and all is required. Only studying will not give you success.

And therefore, don’t depend on only one platform or organization. Prepare for all government exams and also do some part-time jobs. Time is moving, so give your input in the right direction. You even don’t know your future. So, rest, and do some part-time work related to the subject like Home Tutiony and others, it would help you financially.

Some View Point on How to crack any exam?

1. Understand Exam Syllabus and Pattern

Before preparing for the competitive exam, you must know about the syllabus and exam pattern. It would help if you analyzed each subject’s chapters and marks distribution. It will help you in planning your strategy for the exam.

2. Study Plan:

It would help if you systematically made a study plan to cover all topics according to your suitable time. It is necessary for every aspirant. Set your time according to the subjects. You need to analyze your performance, i.e., how much you did that day.

3. Practice Offline and Online Tests & Analyze:

To crack the exam, you need to do offline practice from different books with a timer, online mock tests, short quizzes, etc. It would help if you solved the previous year’s innovative questions. After giving mock tests or offline practice, you need to analyze the wrong and right questions. What is the best method to solve the question in a shorter period? More training will sharpen your concept, so exercise regularly is very important. Always try to find your weak areas and hard work into them.

4. Always Self-Motivated:

You need to be self-motivated so you can crack the test and think you have not broken a test; take a few days to rest and think of changing your technique again at that time and looking for your vulnerable zones well and then come back with the whole energy.

5. Stay Calm on the Exam Day: 

On exam day, you must calm your mind and not waste time with others. Keep quiet and think about your preparation. You correctly read the questions in the exam hall, don’t panic, and arrive at the exam hall as early as possible. If you are stuck in the question, skip it, don’t come back and try it, solve other questions.

6. Stay Healthy:

Aspirants have to take care of their health before the exam. Proper sleep on time, bringing food daily on time, exercising, taking breaks while needed, and managing time wisely, etc., are required for the aspirants to stay healthy and motivated. A healthy mind and body will help you stay focused and motivated throughout your preparation.

Prepare for Other Exams Also

You don’t prepare for only one exam at a time because the maximum syllabus is the same. If you follow only one direction, it will be your wrong decision. Because, at present, Government jobs vacancy is gradually going down. Sometimes, the states have suitable vacancies for a particular post, or the next year is different. Example: Bank Clerk Exam.

So, it would help if you had to think diversely. Focus on only one platform. It may also give you hopelessness. So, believe in all directions in the current scenario. In this way, you need to know how to prepare for the competitive exam. You concentrate on reinforcing the basic concepts well. You need to find out which exam will give you a job.

If your idea is solid and your thinking process of solving a question is speedy, you can easily crack the exam. It is the real story. If you are fresher, don’t run like Duranta Express; first, build your concept, work on it, and it will slowly increase your speed. Put a timer on the clock and practice well. Try to make the basic concept and gradually increase the hand speed and timer.

What is the Strategy? – How to Prepare for Any Competitive Exams

Suppose you are planning to start your preparation for government exams. In that case, how to prepare for any competitive exams, or what is the strategy for it? I will explain all four years of the journey with all upcoming and pursuing aspirants. You must focus on only the basic concept of the subject. There’s no shortcut for clearing government jobs. If you try for the shortcut, it won’t help you in the long run. You may get stuck in the exams. So, don’t run behind the shortcuts.

Strategy for Quantitive Aptitude ( Pre + Mains)

For preparing quant, you need to focus on the basic concept. You can follow different youtube channels and build your basic from those. It would help if you learned fast calculation tricks. I have mentioned some essential strategies for Quantitive Aptitude in preparing you for any Competitive Exams.

  1. Give your time to the subject
  2.  Do more practice as much as possible
  3.  Go through Basic Concepts, Don’t catch the Shortway Method
  4.  Solve High-level Questions 
  5.  Give Mock Tests from Different Platforms
  6.  Train your mind so that you can solve any questions without pen and paper
  7.  Solve different High-Level Questions from different Mock Tests and also from books
  8.  Refer to other readers to know new patterns if it is not in the market ( Mains)

Strategy for Reasoning ( Pre + Mains) 

Reasoning is one of the subjects where it needs only practice. Because this is the first time you have learned at the school level. So, it is fully practice-based knowledge. Suppose, at present, you are well in Reasoning, and you didn’t practice in the coming two months, but if you are willing to practice in the 3rd month, you can see that your writing speed is also going down, and there is some legging. Here I have mentioned some essential strategies for Reasoning and how to prepare you for Competitive Exams.

  1. Practice more and more Puzzles per day
  2.  Strong your Basics
  3.  Solve different High-Level Questions from different Mock Tests and also from books
  4.  Seeing the Question, you need to know how to solve it and what is the way of solving it.

Strategy for English ( Pre + Mains) 

The maximum aspirant has weak points in English, and aspirants are coming from the native language board; I am also the same. But I tried hard to fill my gap in English. I always read The Hindu Newspaper, watch Web Series, etc. All those are needed for the aspirants during preparing for Government Jobs. Here I have mentioned some essential English strategies for preparing for any competitive exams.

  1. Clear your basics from youtube.
  2.  After clearing the basics, start reading Newspapers, magazines, or something like that.
  3.  While reading any News article or Magazine, you should question why ” is” coming here, why not “are’; why “a” is coming before the Noun. When you ask yourself and share your doubts with others, you are getting mastered English from that time. There is no shortcut in English Grammer, Aslo.
  4.  Solve Mock Test Questions, and analyze all those questions one by one; from that time, your learning is slowly filling.
  5.  Solve different types of Questions related to English, this may be it didn’t come in the last all exams, but it would become in the future.

Strategy For Current Affairs ( Pre + Mains) 

I am making content on Current Affairs and have good knowledge about the current government exams trend. According to these last three years’ directions, you must study current affairs thoroughly. If you are fresher and have just started your preparation, don’t study it, but if you are preparing for the last year, you can begin to do it because You have good basic concepts about the other subjects. For Current Affairs, you always give 2 hrs per day and a weekly anyone day for complete revision; after one month, you may provide two days for a thorough revision. That’s the way of remembering it. I have mentioned some essential points you always remember in preparing for Current Affairs on Competitive Exams.

  1. If you forget some current affairs, make yourself shortcut tricks.
  2.  The examiner always asks questions about current affairs, and the hot topic is your thoughts. This question will come like this and this…, but the examiner will make it indifferent.  Example: Recent Adani Case, everyone knows Hindenberg publishes the report, but the examiner makes the question differently from this topic, and you even think it.
  3.  In bank exams, the examiner prepares questions in in-depth analysis, i.e., you need good knowledge about it. And I am also working on it.
  4.  Examiners always ask key point questions, such as at Present Adani, Turkey Earthquake.
  5.  If you are preparing for UPSC, You need to know about facts such as govt launch scheme, why it launches, and who gets benefitted from this, so it is also like the bank exam. You need to explain the exam in your way. But I am explaining all those critical points in the bullet points. You can get help from my content also.
  6.  Give Weekly Mock Tests from a different platform (Bank/SSC/State PSC)

How to Prepare for Any Other Competitive Exams with Job

If you are a private job holder planning to know ” how to prepare for any competitive exam with a Job, you must follow some strategy. If you are thinking from your heart and eager to do it, this feeling should be required. Others say you can prepare for govt job, don’t do it. If your mind thinks you can get a govt job, then you go through it. Below I have explained some essential points of preparing for competitive exams with the position that may help you.

  1. Youtube is a big platform; you can take its total usage and join different good telegram groups to get additional notes. It will help you in many ways, or you can contact me, and I will share with you some vital telegram group links that would help you prepare.
  2.  Make a Time Table according to your job profile.
  3.  After completing your daily hours, do extra hours in your preparation, but when you prepare, you should only focus on your study, not on Facebook, watching unnecessary videos. You will never get a govt job. Time is precious.
  4.  Everybody gets 24 hrs per day. Someone uses 10%, or someone uses 70%. As a job holder aspirant, you need to reduce your sleeping time; then, you can manage your preparation. Sunday, you will have a full day to prepare for it. 
  5.  Suppose, one of the days, you are getting exhausted; that day, You can rest completely. 
  6.  Always be positive that you can do it, and it is to be required that your aim should knock you into every breath of your life.
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