Do You need to Know Banking Exams Best Mock Tests?

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Which Mock Tests Best for the Banking Exam

Which Mock Tests Are Best For The Banking Exam?

Once upon a time, I was also preparing for the banking exams and attended many mains exams but unfortunately did not clear the mains exams.

Today, I will explain my genuine points in the mock tests of different platforms that Which Mock Tests Are Best For The Banking Exam. It would help you in your preparation.

Advice to the Fresher

Don’t buy mock tests if you are a fresher or just started. For the first six months, you need to focus on only concept building, not other than this. I already made a post on how to prepare for the competitive exams. You can go and check it.

Even if you are looking for the best banking teacher on Unacademy and other platforms, you must read it before deciding to take any paid subscription.

About Mock Tests – Which Mock Tests Are Best For The Banking Exam

All of these mock tests are good enough. According to my experience, if I give you the ranking from left to right, then Oliveboard and Practicemock have come first, and then ADDA247, Smartkeeda, and other platforms. I wouldn’t say which one is number 1 between Oliveboard and Practicemock because these two platforms provide unique questions in their mock test.

Sl NoMock Test Name
2Practice Mock

Mock Test Analysis

After giving any mock tests, the aspirants prioritize analyzing the mock test. Few candidates even don’t know how to analyze it. Analyze means you need to check your mistakes, your weak points, and why did you miss the XYZ question, suppose you know how to solve but why did you make a mistake, and more important is “timing,” 

Suppose in the “XYZ puzzle,” the average timing is 3 minutes, but you spent 5 minutes. In this way, You need to analyze it. And then do offline practice, which is 100% needed daily. Your offline practice duration should be more than the mock tests.

Is Mock Test Important for Banking Exams?

The mock test is for checking the performance of your preparation. Although it is not mandatory, it will also give you extra positiveness in your preparation. You can also practice offline from different books of banking exams, which will also improve your knowledge.

Mock Test gives you to increase your speed and mind calculation process. Attempting more mock tests is also not good, as I mentioned below. It is also a media. It is a mix of merit and demerit.

With the help of mock tests, you can get more practice questions, and you can do the offline practice of those questions.

The Drawback of Banking Exam Mock Tests

The aspirants take the mock test score as a real exam score. If someone got 60 percentiles in XYZ mock test, they think they cannot crack the exam. In another way, the mock test score demotes the aspirants; I am not behind it. It puts pressure on the aspirants and spends valuable time thinking and searching on YouTube, talking to friends, and so on.

The aspirants must think the mock test is a sample paper, not a real exam paper. The Real Exam questions are different than the mock tests. You focus on the basics and do more offline practice.

Real Story One of the Banking Aspirant

One of my friends, a very talented aspirant than me in the bank exam, even attended 2-3 interviews of SBI PO and IBPS PO. He is from the General Category. But he didn’t crack the exam in the last and his age is over.

In the mains mock test, his score in the Oliveboard, Adda247, and Practice Mock was always 95-99 percentile. So, a mock test score wouldn’t allow you to break the exam. It would help to focus on the offline practice by setting your timer.

How to crack a bank exam on 1st attempt?

If you need to crack the bank exam on 1st attempt, you need to follow some steps.
1. Focus on basic concepts of the subjects i.e; Quant, English, Reasoning
2. Give Quizzes, and do offline practices with the timer
3. Analyze the mock tests properly
4. Solve multiple questions
5. Make a daily timetable

How can You improve your mock test scores in banking exams?

You can improve your mock test score by properly analyzing the questions in the mock tests as I already explained in this article. You can go through it.

Which of those mock tests is best?

·   Oliveboard
·   Practice Mock
·   Adda247
·  Test book
·   Smartkeeda


Questions in the bank real exam wouldn’t expect 80% like the mock tests. According to my experience, the examiner will always give you a new surprise. It would help if you thought like an examiner.

That’s why my advice is to train your brain and do offline practices as far as possible and, more importantly, practice different patterns as the mains bank exam’s questions always given surprise the aspirants.

The new pattern question is always surprising in the “mains exam” and is easy. That’s why you need to research it before else. If any educator solved that pattern, then also be good.

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