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UNCF STEM Scholarship 2023-24

The UNCF/Honda USA STEM Scholarship 2024 is a prestigious program that is designed to support minority students who are looking to pursue undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The Scholarship is a joint partnership between the UNCF and Honda organization to support students in STEM disciplines. Honda organization is coming to help African Americans in the commitment to keep them in STEM through various scholarships and educational programs. In this Scholarship, the UNCF organization, which is also a founding member, is managing multiple scholarship funds, and still now, it is giving more than $100 million a year in scholarships to students across the country. 

UNCF USA STEM Scholarship 2023 24

As a previous recipient of the UNCF/Honda USA STEM Scholarship, the program is designed for ten years. It helps more than 500 students pursue STEM careers by providing scholarships and academic support and helping them earn STEM degrees. Also, I see that this program is not only focused on financial aid but also supports you through mentorship, internships, and other resources to ensure the success of the scholars of your chosen STEM professions.

In addition to the UNCF/Honda USA STEM Scholarship, the UNCF organization gives various scholarship programs, such as the Fund II Foundation UNCF STEM Scholars Program, UNCF/Koch Scholars Program, K-12 Education Fellowship, UNCF General Scholarship, and the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship Program.

Eligibility Criteria for UNCF USA STEM Scholarship 2024

SL NoEligibilityDescription
1ResidencyLegal permanent resident of USA
2EthnicityMust be African American
3Minimum GPA2.5/4.0 Scale
4High School CurriculumYou need to have a solid academic background and interest in STEM.
5Financial NeedNeed to share the financial and unmet need to the college or university
6STEM Major CommitmentScholarship available for those who pursued these subjects such as biological/life sciences, physics, chemistry, computer science/engineering, information sciences, engineering (industrial, mechanical, electrical or chemical), mathematics etc in their high school standard.
7Scholarship TypeFull-time enrollment in an accredited 4-year college in the U.S
8Minimum Education QualificationGraduate

Application Process for UNCF USA STEM Scholarship 2024

The application process for the UNCF STEM Scholarship 2024 involves several steps:

1. Letter of Recommendation: You must submit one letter of recommendation from a high school STEM teacher or a STEM program sponsor/mentor. These recommendation letters will give the scholarship authority a great insight into your performance and potential for success in pursuing a STEM degree.

2. Essays: You must also complete all required essays in the given time. These essays will help the selection committee to understand your interests, goals, motivation, and experiences that have shaped your decision to pursue an undergraduate STEM degree. So, essay writing plays a vital role.

3. FAFSA: If you are looking for this scholarship but, due to your financial issues, can’t afford the tuition fees and all, then you can apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). I even used it and finally got it after a few months. This helps in confirming citizenship and understanding the financial needs of the applicants.

4. Academic Records: The selection committee will review and ensure your GPA and the courses you applied for are crucial. And, if you maintain good grades, it will help in your mid-year transcript.

Scholarship Benefits of UNCF USA STEM Scholarship 2024

The UNCF STEM Scholarship provides significant support to its recipients, including:

1. Financial Aid: The scholarship is giving last-dollar funding support, which means it covers the remaining amount needed for tuition and other educational expenses after all other forms of financial aid have been applied in another way; I can say it’s a FAFSA help.

2. Academic Support: If you are eligible for this scholarship according to its guidelines, you will get academic support to ensure your success in STEM majors.

3. Career Development: The program also gives the desired students looking for internships, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to prepare scholars for successful careers in STEM fields.

UNCF USA STEM Scholarship 2024 Amount

  • The scholarship awards the desired applicants up to $25,000/year for first- and second-year students, but it depends on their financial needs.
  • The $5000 stipend is given to those approved for STEM-related internships.
  • The colleges will be allotted to you according to the UNCF-Member Institution Presidents.

UNCF USA STEM Scholarship 2024 Application Tips

  • If you are looking for a competitive STEM application, you first discuss your plans with your parents, counselors, and teachers.
  • Choose the correct letters of recommendation and see if you are familiar with FAFSA, which is the most crucial step.
  • While writing an essay, you need to include your goals to reflect your personal experiences and aspirations in STEM.

Application Deadline for UNCF USA STEM Scholarship 2024

Application OpensEarly February 2024
Application DeadlineMarch 4, 2024
Notification Gets in EmailMid-May 2024
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