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Are you looking to work in finance consumer services? If you are looking for a job in financial consumer services, this article will significantly help you.

The finance consumer services industry plays a critical role in the economy by providing financial products and services to individual consumers. This broad sector encompasses everything from banking and insurance to investment and real estate services. Key jobs in the industry directly serve retail customers and help people manage their finances on a day-to-day basis.

Financial advisors work closely with individuals to guide investments, insurance, mortgages, taxes, retirement planning, and more. Their goal is to analyze each client’s unique financial situation and develop personalized strategies to help them meet their long-term goals. Strong interpersonal skills are vital as advisors must educate clients and earn their trust.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 2.9 million individuals worked in the consumer services industry in 2020. and it is also projected that this sector will grow at a 7.7% over the next decade. This figure represents the total workforce engaged in various roles within the sector. In USA, the finance and consumer service industries are expected to see steady job growth leading up to 2024.

There are many different types of finance consumer service job opportunities, and the number of available positions can vary depending on the specific field you’re interested in. Consumer banking and lending is another major subset of the industry projected to see positive employment growth into 2024. As the economy and population expand, the need for consumer credit and lending services will increase as well. Mortgage loan officers and consumer credit counsellors are two finance consumer services jobs that should see stronger demand based on BLS projections.

What is the Job Profile in Finance Consumer Services?

The financial consumer service job profile includes hedge fund managers, accountants, economists, auditors, stock brokers, portfolio managers, etc. Other factors likely to contribute to job creation in finance and consumer banking include retirement and turnover of existing workers, technological advances requiring new skills, globalization, and favourable regulatory policies. Employers across the country will be seeking out qualified candidates to fill new and replacement positions.

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List of Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services and its Salary

1. Hedge Fund Managers

Salary: $83000

The Hedge Fund Manager is the person who is responsible for managing the various investment accounts and making decisions on behalf of the clients. The work of the hedge fund manager is to raise funds from the market for their clients.

2. Portfolio Manager


The role of the portfolio manager is to manage the portfolio of the investors on behalf of individuals, institutions, or organizations. They analyze market trends, select suitable investments, and monitor portfolio performance.

3. Financial Manager

Salary: $80,000 -$150,000 /year.

Financial managers’ job is to maintain an organization’s financial health. They analyze financial data, prepare financial reports, cash flow monetization, profit determining, and expense management, provide correct financial information, make recommendations to improve profitability, etc.

4. Insurance Underwriters


The job profile of the insurance underwriters is to evaluate insurance applications to determine the risk levels and appropriate premiums for the clients. They analyze the factors like the applicant’s age, health, lifestyle, and credit history. They mainly work under the insurance company. Underwriters need strong analytical abilities to price policies according to risk accurately. They often specialize in property/casualty or life/health insurance. The job involves a mix of independent casework and collaborating with actuaries.

5. Financial Software Engineer


The job role of the financial software engineer is to develop, repair, maintenance, and update the software related to the financial and banking organization work. They combine programming skills with financial knowledge to create efficient and accurate software solutions.

7. Private Equity Associate

Salary: $80,000 – $150,000/year

A Private Equity Associate is a finance professional who works in the field of consumer services within the private equity industry. Their primary role is to support the investment team in finding potential investors in evaluating and executing potential investment opportunities in consumer service companies. Their responsibility is depended on the specific firm and the stage of the investment process.

In consumer services, the Private Equity Associate would focus on companies such as retail, hospitality, leisure, or entertainment businesses, etc. They would analyze these companies’ market dynamics, competitive landscape, growth potential, and financial performance to assess their investment attractiveness.

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8. Compliance Officer

Salary: $60,000 -$120,000/year

The job role of the compliance officer is to provide compliance policies and procedures to prevent violations and minimize legal and regulatory risks. Their other responsibility is to conduct regular audits and reviews of the company’s operations.

Moreover, they provide training programs for younger employees about compliance standards and requirements. They also create awareness and promote a culture of compliance within the organization, emphasizing the importance of good behavior and responsible business practices.

9. Claims Adjusters


Claims adjusters study the insurance claims after accidents, disasters, or other covered incidents. They inspect damage, consult police reports, interview witnesses, and review claim details to determine payout amounts. Claims adjusters typically specialize in property or liability claims. They either work for the insurance company or provide freelancing services to the insurance company. Claims adjusters also review policyholder requests for funds to make sure they are valid and meet the terms of the policy. They are experts in investigative abilities, attention to detail, customer service, and communication skills to interact with clients and negotiate settlements.

10. Insurance Advisor

Salary: $40,000 – $100,000 or more /Year

The role of an Insurance Advisor in the Finance Consumer Services industry is to provide insurance policy guidance and assistance services to the customer to protect their assets, mitigate risks, and ensure financial security. They explained the benefits and recommended suitable insurance products to their clients according to the requirements.

11. Personal Financial Advisor

Salary: $87,850/year

The personal financial advisor is a professional who provides financial guidance to individuals and families regarding their financial matters. These advisors typically work in finance consumer services to help individuals manage their finances and provide informed decisions about investments, savings, and other financial goals. They provide different services such as financial planning, investment advice, retirement planning, tax planning, insurance and risk management, estate planning, etc.

12. Loan Officer

Salary: $45,000 – $100,000 /year

Loan Officer Jobs in Finance Consumer Services, such as helping individuals and arranging loans for starting new businesses for various purposes. Loan officers also play a critical role in evaluating loan applications, assessing creditworthiness, and facilitating loan approval.

They work closely with clients to understand their financial needs, provide guidance, and ensure compliance with lending policies and regulations. They also work for fintech firms, banks, and credit unions. They are also responsible for various activities such as customer interaction, loan evaluation, risk assessment, loan structuring, compliance, etc.

The loan officers must be graduates with finance degrees or closely related subjects from a recognized university. Moreover, they must qualify for the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) exam, organized by the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors.

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13. Economist

Salary: $50,000 – $200,000/year

Economist jobs in finance and consumer services can have various roles and responsibilities. They are focused on analyzing and understanding the economic factors that influence consumer behavior, and economic trends, conducting research, and providing insights and the overall financial health and recommendations to businesses and organizations operating in the consumer services sectors industry, etc. They provide different consumer services such as data analysis, market research, forecasting, policy analysis, risk assessment, etc.

14. Accountant

Salary: $40,000 – $120,000 or more/Year

The job role of the accountant is to maintain financial records and prepare financial statements, analyze data, audit, and make an agreement with financial regulations. Accountants are two types such as personal accountants and corporate accountants.

The personal accountant’s job role is to manage their clients’ finances, prepare tax returns, and make informed financial decisions, while the corporate accountant’s work is to manage monitoring and analyzing financial data, preparing financial statements, managing budgets, conducting cost analysis, and ensuring regulatory compliance in the corporate financial firms.

They also work in banks and investment companies. Accountants in this field play an essential role in maintaining the financial health of consumer service companies, such as retail, hospitality, or entertainment businesses.

15. Stockbroker

Salary: $50,000 – $1,00,000/Year

The job profile of the stock broker is to buy and sell stocks on behalf of the clients. They work under the organization or individuals. Their work is to analyze the market trends, fundamental analysis of the stocks, read chart patterns, etc. For this profile, the minimum education qualification is a bachelor’s degree.

Education and Training Required

Most finance consumer services jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as finance, accounting, economics, mathematics, or business administration. Specific positions may also need specialized certifications or licenses, such as:

  • Loan officers: Mortgage loan originator license
  • Insurance agents: State insurance license
  • Financial analysts: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification
  • Accountants: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license
  • Personal financial advisors: Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Key Skills Needed

1.Strong analytical skills: 

You should have the ability to analyze data, detect patterns, and make projections is critical across accounting, underwriting, advising, and more. So, for that, you need to have good experience in those area. The experts always combine complex financial information to assess risks, determine eligibility, and develop sound recommendations.

2. Math and statistics competence: 

Finance experts should have a solid knowledge of math and statistical concepts to calculate returns, analyze trends, determine probabilities, and quantify risks. From interest rates to investment performance, number crunching comes with the territory.

3. Communication and interpersonal skills:

The communication and interpersonal skills are one of the important skills in any industry. You should have a talkative skills to handle your clients by giving proper advice. You need to explain the financial options, risks, and strategies in a clear, personalized way so that your customer take a necessary step. Building trust and creating bonds with clients is essential. Strong writing skills are also key for reporting and documentation.

4. Sales and customer service orientation: 

Many roles involve marketing or promoting financial products directly to retail customers. Being able to connect with clients and meet their needs is invaluable.

5. Regulatory knowledge: 

Understanding applicable regulations, reporting requirements, and compliance practices is mandatory. Keeping up with frequent regulatory changes is also critical.

6. Time management and organization: 

Juggling multiple tasks, projects, and client accounts simultaneously is common. The ability to prioritize and work efficiently is important.

Pros and Cons of Working in Finance Consumer Services


  • Lucrative salaries with the potential for commissions and bonuses
  • Professional prestige in a major industry
  • Opportunity to directly help consumers
  • Variety of roles from sales to analytics
  • Career stability in a growing sector


  • High competition for top positions
  • High-stress, fast-paced work environment
  • Long hours, especially during peak seasons
  • Pressure to meet sales or productivity quotas
  • Keeping up with regulatory changes and reporting
  • Continuing education needed to stay current


Job seekers interested in entering the finance consumer services field can look into obtaining degrees in relevant areas like accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and mathematics.

Developing knowledge of financial analysis, regulatory compliance, risk management, and customer service will also be important. Overall, the future looks bright for employment in this sector.

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