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Types of Remote travel agent job

After the covid 19, remote travel agent jobs are flourished faster. This sector is also evolving as a travel agent, and I and other agents are earning a good amount from our services. Everyone loves to travel and needs to know the world, and they also enjoy some part of their life by travelling to some good tourist places.

Every country is directly or indirectly dependent on each other for business purposes, jobs, goods supply, etc. So, Flights, Trains, Buses, or Ships fulfil the connectivity between those countries. Remote travel agents are directly interlinked with online travel agencies.

The online travel agency is the platform to buy travel tickets to your desired destinations. And they are creating this connectivity between travellers and online travel agencies, which remote travel agents directly or indirectly fulfil. So, this article will help you to find a good travel agent job.

What is Remote Travel Agent?

Remote travel agents guide or provide travel-related services or sell tickets to travellers. We also provide the complete plan of travelling to the customer via online mode. We even arrange hotels, car booking etc for travellers.

We also do it independently according to our suitable time. We may communicate with the customers via calls, emails, or video conferences. The remote agent’s earning is mainly based on the commission.

Market Analysis of Online Travel Agencies

With improving people’s living standards, people are now discovering the world by tour. According to the online travel agent market data published by Allied Market Research, it was valued at $ 354.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to go $1,835.6 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 14.8% from 2022 to 2031.

Even the OTA market is fragmented into B2B and B2C models. Data also states that middle and upper-middle-class people’s lifestyle is gradually improving.

Remote Travel Agency Market Graph

Last 10 Years Online Travel Agency Market Graph from Glamping

Can you Work Remotely as a Travel Agent?

In the tech world of the 21st century, people love to visit different tourist places. Before covid-19, the travelling industry’s influence differed from after the covid -19. We have seen different social media influencers from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube openly come and explore the tourist destination.

And all this also creates an extra positive point for the travel industry and the country’s economy. After Covid 19, the number of tourists has grown significantly upward. After comparing these two situations, I can say that the travelling industry wouldn’t die.

The report published on the global online travel market by Business Research Company is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.1% from $460.9 billion in 2020 to $970.2 billion in 2025. The report also suggests that in 2030 the online travel market will reach $1259.1 billion at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2025.

Remote Travel Agency Infog

How To Become a Remote Travel Agent?

Becoming a remote travel agent is not required any specific qualification. You need to be passionate about travelling and have a good travelling experience.

You should also have a technical knowledge of operating the computer. You need to know about the ins and outs of the tourist places and have good information about the tourist spots. You also have talkative skills to handle your clients.

Do Remote Travel Agents Make Money?

Yes, they earned money through commission. The travel agent works as a travel adviser for the tourists. They advise the entire traveling trip to their client. According to the market data I previously explained, this sector will flourish in the coming days. So, this is a strong opportunity in this sector.

Travel Agent Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities

  • Travel Planning and Arrangements: A fundamental responsibility of a travel agent is to assist clients in planning their trips. Their main work is to provide genuine information after understanding the client’s preferences, budget constraints, and travel objectives.
  • Providing Expert Advice: Travel agents have in-depth knowledge of destinations, trends, and industry updates. They provide valuable expertise to their clients.
  • Handling Bookings and Documentation: One of the core responsibilities of a travel agent is managing bookings and essential travel documentation. They handle ticket reservations, hotel bookings, and any necessary travel permits or visas.
  • Customizing Travel Package: Travel agents frequently design attractive travel packages to attract their clients. They include a package that includes adventure travel, romantic getaways, family vacations, or business trips with attractive prices and add extra facilities to attract clients.
  • Resolving Travel-related Issues: Sometimes while traveling, unexpected events or disturbances may occur. In such cases, travel agents play a crucial role as troubleshooters, and they are trying to solve the problems like flight cancellations, rescheduling, or sudden alterations in plans.
  • Staying Updated with Industry Trends: The travel industry is dynamically changing according to technology updates, with new destinations, services, etc. Travel agents also stay up-to-date with these industrial trends. They attend seminars, workshops, and networking events. This continuous learning allows them to offer their clients the latest and best travel options.
  • Building and Maintaining Client Relationships: To be a successful travel agent, you must focus on good client relationships. You must provide satisfied services to your clients and gain trust and loyalty. These satisfied clients often return for future travel arrangements and recommend the travel agent’s services to others.

Is being an at home travel agent worth it?

Being a travel agent, it is a good career. Suppose you are passionate about traveling and willing to do it from your home. So, In that case, you need to connect with your local area people and have social media presence so that people can trust you, and that positivity will help you in your work profile.

Types of Remote Travel Agent Job Role

1. Travel Advisor

The job role of the travel advisor is to guide the proper planning to its clients and also provide valuable travel advice. They are mainly collaborating with clients to understand their preferences, budget, and interests, and accordingly, the travel agents provide them with travel packages to their specific needs.

2. Travel Photographer

A travel photographer’s job is to take stunning images from different locations worldwide and showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each destination. You can sell your photographs to travel agencies, publications, or stock image websites as a remote travel photographer.

3. Travel Blogger

Travel bloggers are those who write unique content about the travelling destination. They have travelling experience, and this experience they apply to travel blogging. By creating unique content, travel bloggers earn from the website.

4. Travel Videographer

Travel videographers create catchy travel vlogs and attract users to the beauty of those destinations, and promote travelling companies and tourism brands.

5. Social Media Specialist

The job role of the social media specialist is responsible for developing and executing social media strategies such as brand awareness, engagement with users, and driving traffic to the travel agency website.

This job has been implemented with the proper market analysis to create and manage social media content such as blog posts, images, videos, and ads; analyze social media data; and effectively manage social media campaigns.

6. Customer Service Representative

The job role of the customer service representative is to interact with the clients through calls, email, chat, etc. They try to solve the query such as travel destinations, accommodations, transportation, etc. of the clients. They also try resolving customer complaints and issues such as flight cancellations, rescheduling tickets, etc.

7. Event Organizer

The job role of the event organizer is to organize the event of the remote travel agent companies. The candidate will be passionate about travelling, keep knowledge about the travel industry’s different events, and be able to work independently and as part of a team.

The candidate will also have proper planning to execute various events such as conferences, trade shows, corporate events, etc. The candidate should have a clear vision to execute events according to budget and timeline and talkative power to handle the event participants and stakeholders.

8. Marketing and Public Reactions

They are responsible for developing and executing market strategies and campaigns to promote the company’s travel products and services. They also manage the company’s social media accounts and create engaging content. They are also responsible for building relationships with travel journalists and bloggers.

9. Travel Consultant:


A travel consultant is crucial in assisting clients with their travel arrangements. Their work is to provide suitable suggestions about travel packages and the best holiday package.

They provide complete information to travellers from beginning to end, including tickets, accommodation, transportation, functional travel/holiday materials, and travel packages based on clients’ preferences and budgets.

Excellent communication skills, knowledge of popular tourist destinations, and navigating booking systems are essential for this role.

10. Customer Service Representative:


Customer service representatives are the frontline employees of online travel agencies. They have a strong customer service background and are also proficient in using computer systems.

Their job is to provide informative information to the customer, such as travel arrangements, handle inquiries and bookings, and resolve any issues clients may have during their travel experience.

They are also responsible for researching travel options, creating itinerary proposals, processing payments, etc. They must possess strong communication and problem-solving skills to ensure customer satisfaction.

11. Content Writer:


Content Writers are the backbone of the online travel agency. Their contribution to the online travel agency is the top.

The job of the content writer is to create quality content for websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

They produce travel guides, destination descriptions, and promotional materials to attract potential customers along with proper SEO of the content.

12. Digital Marketer:


Digital marketers utilize various online channels to promote travel agency services and increase brand visibility.

They implement marketing strategies, manage social media and email marketing campaigns, optimize websites for search engines, and analyze data to drive customer engagement and conversion.

Proficiency in digital marketing tools and strategies is vital for success in this role.

They also communicate with other departments, such as marketing and sales, to develop and implement quality content marketing strategies.

13. Sales Representative:


Sales representatives in online travel agencies focus on generating revenue by selling travel packages, accommodations, and other related services.

They have a good sales experience in the travel-related industry. Their minimum education qualification is a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field.

They are responsible for identifying potential leads, negotiating deals, and building client relationships to get sales. They communicate with the customers to understand their travel needs and budget and recommend the best options.

Sales Representatives also handle the booking process and may provide customer support after the sale. Strong persuasive and negotiation skills are essential for this role.

14. Software Engineer:


Behind the scenes, online travel agencies depend on robust technology platforms to ensure smooth operations; then, software engineers come into the picture.

They are responsible for designing, developing, and testing the software to make users friendly websites or apps. They also understand web development, data structures, and algorithms well.

They can also able to work independently as part of a team. In addition, they are providing the deadlines to complete the work according to the task.

15. Robotic Technician:


The last pandemic has also created a new sector for online travel agencies: robotic technicians. Their work is to repair the robots which are not working correctly.

There is a gradual change from human servants to robotic servants. In the coming days, it will observe that hotels, airlines, booking sites, and others are using chatbots like never before.

According to the survey conducted by McKinsey, companies are trying to enhance the digitization of their customer interactions and supply-chain processes in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

16. Data Analyst


Data analysts play a vital role in the online travel agent (OTA) industry. They have known for their skills in collecting data, analyzing it according to the user’s point of view, and implementing data to help OTAs make better business decisions.

Tourist Place

The Benefits of Working as a Remote Travel Agent

1. Flexibility and Freedom

You can choose your location according to your choice and have the freedom to create your schedule.

Since your primary work is to sell travel products, it is up to you how you handle your customers. So, this flexible working profession will help you to balance your non-professional life.

2. Global Reach

The digital era has given immense opportunities for remote travel agents to reach globally. Although there is having limitations to a physical office, you can also cater to travellers from all around the world.

This digital world is a vast market. This broader market will help you boost your business prospects and enrich your understanding of diverse cultures and destinations.

3. Reduced Overhead Costs

By working remotely, you can reduce overhead expenses for running a traditional travel agency, such as rent, utilities, and office supplies. This cost-effectiveness can lead to higher profit margins and the ability to offer competitive pricing to your clients.

4. Personalized Service

As a remote travel agent, you can provide clients with more personalized and close service. Building a solid relationship with your clients allows you to understand them better and provide travel packages that suit their needs.

This personalized approach can lead to increase customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Travel Tour

Forecasted Country for Online Travel Agencies According to the Report

Geographically, according to the report forecast (2017-2029), the following countries will surge exponentially.
1. United States
2. Europe
3. China
4. Japan
5. India
6. Southeast Asia
7. Latin America
8. Middle East and Africa
9. Other Regions

What is the nature of work?

Remote travel agents deal with customers via calls, video, email, etc. Their work is to sell tickets and tourist packages.

How much Money can you make as an online travel agent?

According to the report published by IBISWorld, the travel agency industry in the USA has earned an expected revenue of about $20 billion in 2020. However, this agency’s 2023 report says that the travel agency’s revenue is growing at a CAGR of 5.3% in the last 5 years, and at the end of this year, it is expected to touch $5.9 billion.

Best Travel Agent Companies to Work For

Below I have explained the legit remote travel agent you can apply for.

  1. FlexJobs
  2. Virtual Vocations
  3. Polk Majestic Travel Group

4. Turquoise Waters Ahead

  1. 7 Seas Travel
  2. Rolling lobe
  3. Sunnkiss’d Travel
  4. World Travel Holdings
  5. Happy Travels
  6. Ahoy Vacations
  7. Hopper
  8. Avantstay
  9. Wyndham Destinations
  10. AAA Club Alliance
  11. BCD Travel
  12. Travel Leaders Group
  13. Rollinglobe
  14. Vail Resorts
  15. AirTreks
  16. CCRA Travel Solutions
  17. Ovation Travel Group
  18. ADTRAV Travel Management
  19. Carnival Cruise Line
  20. American Express
  21. FCM Travel Solutions
  22. FROSCH Travel
Are remote travel agent jobs legit?

Yes, You can also apply for this job from Indeed, FlexJobs, Linkedin, or many other websites that I have explained in this article.

Can you work remotely as a travel agent?


How to Become a Remote Travel Agent?

To become a Remote Travel Agent, you need not require any specific degree, but you should have good talkative skills and a passion for travelling.

Are Travel Agent in High Demand?

Yes, because after the covid 19, along with social media and innovative technology, these sectors are flourishing compared to the before covid era.

How do I start a work-from-home travel agency?

To start your home travel agency, first, you need to choose your Niche in a travel agency with a proper analysis of which micro-niche travel agency is good for you. Then choose a good and catchy Travel agency name with proper research, make a complete business plan, buy a license, etc., to start your travel agency.

How much money can you make as an online travel agent?

It depends on your hard work. Some home-based travel agents do less earning while some do $40,000 per year. You can do it as a freelancer or as an employee. It would be best if you were awarded about the market conditions and intelligently take steps.


In today’s article, I have shared complete information about the type of jobs in remote travel agent and top some companies.

I hope everyone will help with this article and will be able to take the necessary steps.

Feel free to share your feedback. If you have any issues or any kind of questions then comment below. Thank You to all.

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