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What are the Best High Schools Near Ventura, California?

Ventura is the city of California which is officially known as San Buenaventura. It is the home of some of the best public and private high schools in California.

These schools offer a variety of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and support services that prepare students for college and beyond. The city is also famous as a tourist destination for its historic landmarks, beaches, and resorts.

According to the official data released by the “Ventura County Office of Education,” there’s a 20 school districts and 210 other schools with approximately 142,000 enrolled total students.

If you are living in Ventura and looking for the best high schools in your city, this article will help you decide.

What are the Best Public High Schools in Ventura?

1. Foothill Technology High School

100 Day Rd. Ventura, CA 93003

National Rankings: #730 | Ventura Unified School District Rankings: #1 | California Rankings: #96 |Grades – 9-12

Foothill Technology High School is a public high school established in 2000, and since 2005, it has been awarded a California Distinguished School by the California State Board of Education.

It offers many excellent programs, including ASB, Athletics, Bioscience, D Tech, Drama, Journalism, Renaissance, Speech and Debate, Yearbook, etc. This school serves more than 13000 students each year.

2. El Camino High School

400 Rancho del Oro Drive Oceanside, CA 92057

National Rankings: #3132 | Ventura Unified School District Rankings: #2| California Rankings: #470

El Camino High School is also a public high school in South San Francisco, California. This school is part of the South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD).

This school mainly offers strong academic courses like Math, science, social studies, history, physical education, and technical education.

They are also offering an AP capstone diploma program and different scholarship programs. The total enrollment of this school is 298 & students, and the teacher ratio is 28:1.

3. Ventura High School

2 N. Catalina St., Ventura, California 93001

National Rankings: #4373 | Ventura Unified School District Rankings: #3| California Rankings: #653 | Grade – 9-12

Ventura High School is the oldest public high school in Ventura Unified School District, established in 1889.

The institute is famous for its robust athletics program, strong academic programs, and many more. The student-teacher ratio of this school is 24:1.

4. Buena High School

5670 Telegraph Road Ventura California, 93003

National Rankings: #5319 | Ventura Unified School District Rankings: #4| California Rankings: #765 | Grade – 9-12

Buena High School is also a mid-sized public school in the coastal suburban city of Ventura, California. The institution is famous for its academic programs such as AVID, AP and Honors classes, Music, Foreign Language, Woodwork, Journalism, Art, and much more, and also offers athletics programs such as football, Volleyball, Golf, Water Polo, Tennis, and many games.

5. Pacific High School

1020 Pacific Street San Bernardino, California

National Rankings: #11,925 | Ventura Unified School District Rankings: #6| California Rankings: #1204 | Grade – 9-12

This public school is in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, California. It was established in 1953.

According to the 2018-2019 data, the total student strength of this school was 1210, and the student-teacher ratio is 22:1.

This institution mainly offers academic programs like technical education, math, foreign language, and many more.

6. Oxnard High School

3400 W Gonzales Road Oxnard CA 93036

National Rankings: #6408 | Oxnard Union High Schools Rankings: #3| California Rankings: #860 | Grade: 9-12

Oxnard High School is a public high school with grades 9-12 of more than 2800 students in Oxnard, California, established in 1902. This school is from the Oxnard Union High School District.

This institution is known for its AP Program, AVID, CTE program, and, more importantly, good performance in arts programs, including theatre, choir, and dance. 35 acres is the campus size of this institution. It holds 9 high schools in Oxnard Union High.

7. Golden Valley Charter School

3585 Maple St. Ste. 101, Ventura, California

National Rankings: # 13,383-17,843| California Rankings: # 1,265-1,603 | Grade: Kg-12

Golden Valley Charter School is known for its public non-classroom-based program. The main aim of this program is to focus on personalized learning for students in grades TK-12. This institution was established in 2004.

This school is known for the partnership between parents and school teachers. The way of teaching curriculum of this school is extra-ordinary from others; it aims to develop the student’s learning style. This school provides flexibility to the students to progress.

How many high schools are in Ventura County

There are 5 high schools in the Ventura Unified School District.

What are the best public high schools in Ventura County CA?

Foothill Technology High School, El Camino High School, and Ventura High School are the top-ranked high schools in Ventura County.

What is the name of the new High School in Ventura County?

Del Sol High School


In the rich educational landscape of Ventura County, these high schools come out as the symbols of excellence, shaping the future leaders of society.

Each institution offers an educational approach through personalized learning, innovative teaching methodologies, or a strong emphasis on character development.

As parents and students look for the best high school in Ventura County, they can find comfort in the fact that these institutions are nurturing academic power and cultivating well-organized people in an ever-evolutionary world.

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