Exploring the Most Prestigious Scholarships for High School Students 2024 in USA

Scholarships are one of the valuable financial aids that provide students a significant boost in their college admissions. Several prestigious national and international scholarships are available for exceptional high school students. These scholarships certify academic brightness and can significantly lower the financial barriers to higher education. Winning one of these competitive scholarships can open many doors and enormously help a student’s education and career opportunities. Universities such as the University of Alabama Northern Arizona University and other universities offer the academic achievements of National Merit Scholars 2024 with generous scholarship packages that often include tuition, housing, and additional stipends. Here are some top scholarship programs high school students should consider applying for.

Exploring the Most Prestigious Awards and Scholarships

Types of Scholarship?

1. Merit-Based scholarships

The merit-based scholarships are those scholarships that reward deserving students with financial assistance to fulfill their educational dreams. Academic records or scholarship test performance will help them gain this scholarship.

SL NoScholarship NameBenefits/RequirementsDateDetails
1Coca-Cola Scholars Foundationa) USA citizens are Eligible
b) Required High School Diploma
c) Minimum GPA: 3.0
d) Must pursue degree from recognized U.S. post-secondary institution.
e) $20,000 scholarships will be received by 150 students.
Deadline: October 2,2023Read More
2National Merit Scholarship Programa) Single payment of about $2500 scholarship has been awarded.
b) Corporate Sponsored Scholarship
c) College Sponsored Scholarship

N.B: Know about the list top 2024 colleges under national merit scholarship
3Cameron Impact Scholarshipa) Full Tuition, fees, and books are covered
b) Undergraduate Scholarship
c) The applicants must be qualified from any recognized USA based college or university.
Class Open: 1st, Feb, 2024Read More
4Barry M. Goldwater Scholarshipa) Need to pursue a degree from recognized institution.
b) Minimum GPA: 3.0+
c) Must be US citizen
d) Various Subject Scholarship
e) Upto $7500 Scholarship will provide
f) Need Research Essay as a title for 2024
VariousRead More
5The Carson Scholars Funda) Minimum GPA: 3.75+
b) Grade: 5-12 & 4-11
c) Various Scholarship funds are available.
VariousRead More
6Equitable Excellence Scholarshipa) Renewable available
b) $5000/year award +$2500 (one time)
c) Minimum GPA: 2.5+ on a 4 scale
d) Need to be current high school senior from one of the 50 USA states schools.
Deadline: December 18,2023Read More
7Davidson Institute Fellows Scholarshipsa) Need to be USA citizen
b) Minimum Age: 18 years
c) Award: $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000
Deadline: February 14,2024Read More
8National Honor Society Scholarshipsa) High School Student
b) Need to pursue a degree from US govt recognized colleges.
c) Full Tuition, Books and more
Deadline: November 30, 2023Read More
9Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Programa) High school student
b) Required 7th Grade merit students
d) Minimum GPA: 3.5+
VariousRead More
10RMHC® HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMa) Need to be past recipient of the RMHC & also USA citizen.
b) Candidates must be recognized from registered college, university or vocational/technical school
c) Minimum GPA: 3.0+
d) Whose Expected Family Contribution is less than $25,000 are eligible
e) Age must be under 21 years
Application Opens: January 1,2024Read More
11GE–Reagan Foundation Scholarshipa) Renewable Scholarship: $10,000 (up to)
b) It covers full tuition, school fees, books, supplies, and on-campus room and board
c) Minimum GPA: 3.0+
d) USA citizen
Deadline: January 5, 2024Read More
12Excelsior Scholarshipa) Full tuition
b) Must be a resident of New York state and also be a USA citizen.
c) Should be graduating from high school.
d) Award: Up to $5,500
e) The combined federal adjusted gross income of the applicant must be $125,000 or less.
Deadline: August 31, 2023Read More
13Gates Scholarshipa) Applicant must be a high school senior.
b) Pell grant
c) USA citizen
d) Minimum GPA: 3.3+ on a 4.0 scale
Deadline: Sept 15, 2024Read More
14Burger King Scholars Programa) Must be a United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, or Canada resident.
b) Must be a graduate of high school seniors.
c) Minimum GPA: 2.0+ on a 4.0 scale
d) Award Range: $1000 to $60,000
Deadline: December 15, 2023Read More
15QuestBridge Match Scholarshipa) Full tuition fees, books, housing & food, and many more
b) High school graduate applicants are allowed.
c) Applicants must attend a recognized high school in the U.S.
d) Award: Finalist $65000/year
VariousRead More
16Hispanic Scholarship Funda) Award range: $500- $5000
b) Fully funded scholarship
c) US citizen
d) Minimum GPA: 3.0+ (high school) & 2.5+ (college and graduate students)
e) FAFSA submit
f) All subjects available
Deadline: February 15,2024Read More
17Hope Scholarshipa) Only offered to Georgia residents
b) The eligible high school students are required to submit student’s underclass (9th, 10th, and 11th grades) transcript data to GSFC.
c) Minimum GPA: 3.7+
Deadline: School term last day or withdrawal date of a studentRead More
18U.S. Presidential Scholars Programa) The candidate must be a high school Senior graduating between January and June.
b) Attend public schools
c) FSEOG grants
d) TEACH grants
VariousRead More
19Tennessee Hope Scholarshipa) Must be residents of Tennessee.
b) Eligibility: Tennessee high school Graduation
c) Minimum GPA: 2.75+
Deadline: February 15, 2024Read More
20Zell Miller Scholarshipa) Georgia resident’s scholarship
b) Must be pursuing a degree-seeking program
c) Minimum GPA: 3.30+
Deadline: Jun 01, 2024Read More
21Army ROTC Scholarshipsa) 100% Full tuition or living expenses
b) Minimum GPA: 3.77+
C) This scholarship is based on the academic, athletic, and leadership merit.
d) Living allowances : $420.00/month
e) Minimum age: 17 year
Deadline: Feb 4, 2024Read More
22Critical Language Scholarshipa) Applicants must be U.S. citizens
b) Minimum Age: 18 years
c) The applicants must be recognized in the USA degree-granting program.
d) Various languages offered
Applicant Open: January, 2024Read More
23Bright Futures Scholarship – FAS &FMSa) The graduate high school needs to be completed at a Florida public high school
b) Minimum FMS GPA: 3.0 & Minimum FAS GPA: 3.5
c) FFAA submit
———–Read More
24Jackie Robinson Scholarshipa) Candidate must graduate as a minority high school senior.
b) United States citizen
c) Need to submit the current evidence of financial need.
d) Award Received: $35,000 up to 4 years
Deadline: January 10, 2024Read More
25Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholarshipa) Minimum GPA: 3.5+
b) High School Scholarship
c) Fully Ride
Deadline: May 9, 2024Read More
26Horatio Alger Scholarshipa) Opportunity for graduate school students
b) Need to pursue bachelor’s degree.
c) US citizen
d) Financial need applicable if the gross family income is $65,000 or lower.
e) Minimum GPA: 2.0+
f) Win scholarship up to $25,000
DEADLINE: March 15, 2024Read More
27NROTC Scholarshipsa) USA Citizen
b) Age limit: 17-23 years
c) High school graduation or four-year Navy ROTC Scholarship program certificate.
d) Applying to one of the programs: Navy, Marine Corps or Nurse
e) Must qualify for the SAT/ACT exam.
VariousRead More
28AMS Graduate Fellowshipsa) Must be a USA citizen
b) Minimum GPA: 3.0+
c) Must be a continuing degree in the atmospheric or related sciences.
Deadline: 25 January, 2024Read More
29Google Scholarshipsa) Award: $10,000
b) Full-time students in a bachelor’s program can enroll.
c) Candidate must be studying in computer science or a related technical field
Open: Between January and FebruaryRead More
30NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Programa) Must be a full-time undergraduate student
b) Minimum GPA: 3.3+
c) Award: $20,000/year
Open : January, 2024Read More
31NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarshipa) Should be USA citizen
b) Minimum GPA: 3.0+
c) Must be enrolled in a recognized college or university within the USA.
d) Scholarship will provide up to $9,500/year, covering travel allowances.
Deadline: January 31, 2024Read More
32Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Scholarshipa) Regional Finalist awards: $4500
b) National Finalist Awards: $192,000
c) Student must be a USA citizen
d) 100% Full Ride
e) Minimum GPA: 3.0+
f) JSHS sponsored award: $30,000/winner
VariousRead More
33Smart Scholarship Program by Department of Defensea) Must be a citizen of the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom
b) Minimum Age: 18 years
c) Minimum GPA: 3.0+
d) Pursing undergraduate or graduate degree
e) Stipend range: $30,000-$46,000
f) Full Tuition
Deadline: December 1, 2023Read More

2. Athletic scholarships

As the name says, it is a scholarship for those talented student-athletes from the college athletic department who have exceptional talent in sports. This scholarship covers their tuition, fees, course-related books, room rent, board, and living expenses.

3. Need Based on scholarships

This type of scholarship is mainly awarded to applicants who need help to afford college fees or whose annual gross income is less than the average.

SL NoScholarship NameBenifitsDateDetails
1United Negro College FundHaving different scholarship in this organization.VariousRead More
2T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship
3Dell Scholarsa) The applicants must complete the college readiness program in grades 11 and 12.
b) The 1st year college students will receive a federal Pell Grant.
c) Minimum GPA: 2.4+
d) Award: $20,000
e) Provide teletherapy service.
Application deadline: December 1, 2023Read More

4. International scholarships

SL NoScholarship NameBenifitsDateDetails
1Fulbright Scholarship Program
2Gilman-McCain Scholarshipa) Scholarship for Military Families.
b) Award: $5,000 (undergraduate student)
c) USA citizen
Deadline: January 4, 2024Read More
3Rhodes Scholarshipa) USA Citizenship
b) Age between 18-28
c) Required bachelor’s degree
d) Full tuition, Travel grants, living stipend etc.
The application deadlines may vary from country to country but are typically in October or November.Read More
4College Board Scholarships
5Scholarships for Black WomenRead More
6Boren Scholarship
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